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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Hitler, Alan Pugh's part in his downfall

Alan Pugh,the Assembly Culture Minister, has written to the Home Office, asking for a review of the law about wearing and displaying Nazi regalia.

There is another unpleasant mass murderer in the 20th Century for Alan Pugh to consider:

It is generally agreed by historians that if famines, prison and labour camp mortality, and state terrorism (deportations and political purges) are taken into account, Stalin and his colleagues were directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of millions...most estimates put the figure between 8 and 20 million

[source: Wikipedia on Stalin]

So no doubt Alan Pugh will be asking the Home Office to consider reviewing the law about CCCP t-shirts, little USSR star lapel badges and the like.

But no, hang on, there's no bandwagon to jump on and no easy headlines in that one.

Yes, Alan, we didn't like to see Harry in the uniform. No Alan, the immediate response isn't to change the law 64 years after the event.