Discussion about the Welsh Assembly

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Not Culturenet Again

Sorry to harp on after our brief break about that tiresome error, Culturenet Cymru, but it seems that Peter Black has been getting somewhere with the clownish Alan Pugh. Only, where he's getting is confusing.

Alan Pugh's response to Peter Black is too delicate to bear much scrutiny so this will be quick.

The Chair set out clearly the nature of the legal advice received. Culturenet Cymru received legal advice that articles in the press could be regarded as defamatory, but that Culturenet Cymru’s resources, which are derived from public funds, should not be spent on legal action unless there was no choice

Now, the advice about resource usage is not legal advice. And it wasn't articles in the press that someone at Culturenet had said were defamatory but the remarks made by the ICT Manager.

We're happy to repeat the true statement that the 100 Welsh Heroes poll was fixed, it was fixed from the beginning, it was fixed every week, it was fixed to encourage future funding of Culturenet by appearing to be a worthwhile project, and that many of the staff at Culturenet Cymru knew this was the case.

We're also happy to report that either the investigation by 'the Chair' (Andrew Green) has been completely ineffective or someone's telling porkies. Or both.