Discussion about the Welsh Assembly

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Wrong again and out of control

Culturenet Cymru's ex-IT Manager has contacted us about the damaging allegation apparently made by someone at Culturenet that he designed Peter Black's website.

"If this report in the Western Mail is true it appears to be another example of Culturenet Cymru getting it wrong, failing to address a complaint and attacking the messenger", said Mr Jones, "only now the motives of an elected member of the Welsh Assembly are being questioned. It's clearly time for a fundamental review of Culturenet's funding and management control."

He continued, "It's great to see an AM with a weblog - it's well-written and often amusing - but I might never find work again if it was thought I'd designed it. In fact I had nothing to do with its design."

"It's a red herring, anyway. Culturenet still isn't dealing with another fact - that the 100 Welsh Heroes poll, entirely funded by public money and reportedly costing in the region of £150,000, was rigged. Perfectly valid votes were discounted and a large number of voting records were made up. Why doesn't Culturenet let an independent and competent person examine the database?".