Discussion about the Welsh Assembly

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Wales on the Web

Another peculiar website from the Welsh Assembly. What's wrong with Wales points out a few oddities with the website 'Cymru ar y We' (CAYW). This website pompously calls itself the 'All Wales Portal' and says this about itself:

Wales on the Web does not provide access to websites that exist purely for commercial reasons
But if you take a quick look around the websites it links to you'll find:
  • Cardiff International Airport
  • Swansea Airport
  • Ffestiniog Railway
  • Snowdon Mountain Railway
  • New Theatre, Cardiff
  • S.A. Brain & Co Ltd
  • The Welsh Whisky Company
  • Cinetig, Welsh animation company
  • Bridgend Farmers Market
  • Welsh Lamb & Beef Promotions Ltd
  • The Welsh Meat Company
  • Back 2 Wales, 'a premier golf tour company'
  • Seren Media Limited 'business evolution consultancy through ICT and Internet solutions'
  • Avantis Ltd
  • B-DAG Ltd
  • CDSM Interactive Solutions
  • Dragonffli Records International
  • Presents Ankst
  • Sain
  • Aled Jones (his official website)
  • Charlotte Church's official website
  • Tom Jones (official website)
  • HTV Wales online

Which, as far as we can see, are all websites that exist for purely commercial reasons. We wonder what's going on here and why we can't simply use Google anyway.

Perhaps CAYW is a pricey job-creation scheme.