Discussion about the Welsh Assembly

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Assembly Online is alive!

We thought that the Assembly Online website had died but we noticed a new media briefing, dated the 28th September, has suddenly appeared. Can this really mean that there were no media briefings from the Welsh Assembly from the 13th July to the end of September? Ok, a new session has only just started and the AMs have been away but surely the work of the Assembly doesn't grind to a complete halt for over two months?

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Wales on the Web

Another peculiar website from the Welsh Assembly. What's wrong with Wales points out a few oddities with the website 'Cymru ar y We' (CAYW). This website pompously calls itself the 'All Wales Portal' and says this about itself:

Wales on the Web does not provide access to websites that exist purely for commercial reasons
But if you take a quick look around the websites it links to you'll find:
  • Cardiff International Airport
  • Swansea Airport
  • Ffestiniog Railway
  • Snowdon Mountain Railway
  • New Theatre, Cardiff
  • S.A. Brain & Co Ltd
  • The Welsh Whisky Company
  • Cinetig, Welsh animation company
  • Bridgend Farmers Market
  • Welsh Lamb & Beef Promotions Ltd
  • The Welsh Meat Company
  • Back 2 Wales, 'a premier golf tour company'
  • Seren Media Limited 'business evolution consultancy through ICT and Internet solutions'
  • Avantis Ltd
  • B-DAG Ltd
  • CDSM Interactive Solutions
  • Dragonffli Records International
  • Presents Ankst
  • Sain
  • Aled Jones (his official website)
  • Charlotte Church's official website
  • Tom Jones (official website)
  • HTV Wales online

Which, as far as we can see, are all websites that exist for purely commercial reasons. We wonder what's going on here and why we can't simply use Google anyway.

Perhaps CAYW is a pricey job-creation scheme.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Jane Hutt attacked by Labour MP

The Welsh Assembly Health Minister, Jane Hutt, has been attacked for complacency by an ex-Welsh Office Health Minister, Cardiff Central MP Jon Owen Jones.

The MP calls Jane Hutt's remarks inadequate and complacent.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Cancer wait in Wales

From a BBC story about NHS waiting lists:

A mother-of-two says she is "appalled" after being told she will have to wait 17 weeks to see a consultant over her breast cancer fears, breaking guidelines that it should be 10 days

The Minister, Jane Hutt's response?

"During August I met with the trust's new chief executive, Hugh Ross, and trust chair, Simon Jones, and made breast care services the first item on the agenda for discussion.

"As a result, the trust has instigated a five-point action plan to address the issues raised, including short-term measures and a longer term strategy."

Welsh NHS safe in her hands then.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

100 Welsh Heroes Poll rigged

WotW - Moving on to 100 Welsh Heroes: was the poll rigged?

DJ - Well of course it was. It was a marketing-led project from the start and I'm afraid marketing often has little to do with either Culture or truth. It was a project to establish the name of Culturenet Cymru.

Read more at What's Wrong With Wales

Wrong again and out of control

Culturenet Cymru's ex-IT Manager has contacted us about the damaging allegation apparently made by someone at Culturenet that he designed Peter Black's website.

"If this report in the Western Mail is true it appears to be another example of Culturenet Cymru getting it wrong, failing to address a complaint and attacking the messenger", said Mr Jones, "only now the motives of an elected member of the Welsh Assembly are being questioned. It's clearly time for a fundamental review of Culturenet's funding and management control."

He continued, "It's great to see an AM with a weblog - it's well-written and often amusing - but I might never find work again if it was thought I'd designed it. In fact I had nothing to do with its design."

"It's a red herring, anyway. Culturenet still isn't dealing with another fact - that the 100 Welsh Heroes poll, entirely funded by public money and reportedly costing in the region of £150,000, was rigged. Perfectly valid votes were discounted and a large number of voting records were made up. Why doesn't Culturenet let an independent and competent person examine the database?".