Discussion about the Welsh Assembly

Sunday, July 18, 2004

100 Welsh Heroes

After the revelations that the 100WelshHeroes poll was rigged we have a glimpse of the real top 10 for you:
  1. Tom Jones
  2. Mike Peters
  3. Phil Campbell of Motorhead
  4. Manic Street Preacher 1
  5. Manic Street Preacher 2
  6. A large leek
  7. Manic Street Preacher (dec'd)
  8. Cayo Evans
  9. My granny
  10. Ivor the Engine

We see that Culturenet Cymru says the ITC Manager who blew the whistle on this was sacked for reasons entirely unconnected with the poll. Here are 4 reasons for the dismissal and only 1 of them wasn't really mentioned in the disciplinary proceeding. Can you guess which?

  1. Creating the website ">www.assemblyonline.org
  2. Publishing the site statistics of a private weblog - on the weblog
  3. Mentioning that he was looking for another job
  4. Constantly singing excerpts from Light Opera

Looks to us very much like the dismissal and the way the poll was conducted are connected - appallingly bad management.